Thursday, August 2, 2012

312 Reflections

I loved taking this class this summer, even though it seemed like TCF boot camp this past week.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in 312 is the importance of the director-DP relationship. I've experienced director-DP pairs that worked, and pairs that did not work. As a DP, it's almost impossible to do a good job when your director lacks a vision. When the director doesn’t know what he or she wants to say, it’s difficult to know what you need to get in your shot and what it needs to communicate.  When your director has a clear vision and purpose for shooting, that enthusiasm is contagious, and you’re more motivated to execute that vision. Working on Connor’s scene assignment was really rewarding because I wanted to see his vision come to life, and I think we achieved that.

Both my DPs went above and beyond their call of duty. They met me for more meetings than were expected and I think our meticulous pre-planning paid off. I was very anxious about the scene assignment, but I’m really proud of what my crew and I created. I can’t thank my group enough for their time, creativity, and hard work.

After completing the scene assignment, I’ve decided to not rule out narrative filmmaking. My focus will always be documentaries, but going through the process of working on the scene assignments has given me a new appreciation and interest in making narrative films.

Watching everyone’s films in class has been a great experience. Since we were watching films produced by people with the same assignment, time restraints, and access to equipment, we were on the same playing field. I was able think about what I could’ve done to improve it or how I would’ve told the story differently in the confines of what we had access to.

My favorite part of this class was that it challenged me to think creatively in a way that most classes don’t. Being in college is about playing the game. For the most part we’re asked to listen, memorize and spit back the information. In this class, we were given full access to the equipment room, a crew, and the information needed to carry out our vision and create something completely our own. I’m not only leaving this class feeling more confident in my filmmaking abilities, but also inspired to keep watching, reading, and creating.

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